Asian male apology game = tight.

laughed so fuckin hard at the fuckin breakdancer

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Some good tips about comic lettering from Nate Piekos of Blambot.com

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I can’t wait to see all the beards this month. ( ˘ ³˘)♥

This is sort of too late for this one, but here’s an idea:

Make a contest about it! You could call out the tumblrs next Movember and give people rewards for the best beard at the end of the month. Everybody wins.

And I guess you could still do so this Movember, since I bet some people are already on that track anyway.


Drawing Diary

Ok, so I kind of went and got sick and had this burning fever the very day after I decided to change my format. And after that I kind of drifted into some… stuff. Let’s call it that.

But now we’re back in business!

I like trying new poses.

And I need to move to another software. MyPaint doesn’t allow resizing and cutting/moving bits and pieces. Starting to miss that.


Drawing Diary

So I’ve been thinking. … and I’ve decided that it would be better that - instead of rushing to draw and finish something every day, I would just draw for one hour every day.

This way, I won’t be forcing myself to stay up all night just to finish what I started. I can just finish it the next day!


Drawing Diary Day 8

Ended up with something kind of silly. I was imagining something like the disproportional Fighter from Dragon’s Crown, but eh, I sort of had fun drawing.


Drawing Diary Day 7

Hrm, really wanted to do two things, something new, and colour this. Seems like only one of the two happened. Not perfectly happy with it, but I’ll get there as this goes along…



Drawing Diary Day 6

So close to not making it before midnight, but I managed to finish sketching it. Colored lines to keep track of what is what.

Will probably clean it up and actually color it, but I’ll leave that till tomorrow.

Now off to a dreamy adventure!


Drawing Diary Day 5

So I was going to watch the latest episode of this show and for some reason I stopped and spend two hours doing this instead.

Sometimes I do the most random, weird things…


Drawing Diary Day 4

I’m four days in with this thing and I am already forgetting what day I am at.

Gotta do this earlier during the day, cutting closer and closer to 00:00 hours, which I want to avoid at any cost.

Anyway, drawing for the day is a random bob cut:

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